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New Story

I am writing a new Sean Bean story for those of you who are interested. It is in my romantic_bean journal. It is called Thane and Adara. It is a western genre and there will be more to come. I have been working on a lot of different stories lately and I will be opening up a new journal on all of my short stories for you to enjoy. Some will be PG and other you will have to be 18 and older to read. Some will be flowery and other will have graphic nature and sex. So I will keep you posted. Thanks a bunch!!!

New Story

PG 13 for Language.
Feedback: Yes Please.
Sean plays Sheriff Toby McAllister
People and Places are made up.
Time: 1886 Dead River, Texas
Enjoy and Thank You!

He knew it was coming. He held his breath for a second. He didn’t want to open his eyes. He could hear it, smell it, coming. It wouldn’t be long now. Then like a crack of a whip it shattered into his eyelids.
Like clock work thru the same crack in the wall of his office the sun would penetrate. He knew he should fix the crack; it let in the sunrise and the cold in the winter. But it was a constant reminder.
Sheriff Toby McAllister stretched long and hard. He stopped suddenly when another constant reminder cramped up on him. He stood up quickly and rubbed his thigh. He could feel the bullet hole still left in his leg. Toby grabbed his pants and put them on. He walked over to the jail cell and smiled. He had only one guest and he secretly enjoyed his prisoners company.
Feisty, beautiful, great sense of humor and could rustle up the best surprise trail stew. Lexi Bradshaw lay in the jail cot. Her long reddish brown hair lay over the side. Curls seemed to strategically caress over her shoulder and around her face. Her lip was slightly bruised and her eye was a little black. Toby chuckled as he recalled the events from last night. He made his way to the stove and started his morning ritual. Memories came back from last night.

“Matt, I’m going to do my rounds.” Toby said as he reached for his hat and headed out the door. “Yeah! Alright Sheriff.” Young Deputy Matt Smith replied. Toby walked out of the jailhouse and stepped casually onto the street. He looked to his right and looked at the signs that welcomed everyone to his little town of Dead River, Texas.
Below the welcome sign was another sign with a list of rules to abide by when you came to town. They were still in place and no new bullet holes. It took him two year to settle this town down, but it was coming along.
He turned his attention to the sudden crash of window across the street. LuLu’s front window was just smashed wide open from the thanks of some drunken fool. Toby made his way slowly to the bar, assessing the situation. But then a second gent came flying out the same window. Comically the drunk tripped and fell over the horse hitch rail and unceremoniously landed in the water troth.
Toby ran up and helped the guy into a sitting position before he drowned. “Sheriff! Don’t you help that cheap skate, foul mouthed, son of a bitch out of that tub.” Toby stood up quick and the only thing he saw was reddish brown hair flying and something along the lines of a small anvil hit his jaw. Lexi Bradshaw stood over him rubbing her hand. Toby was sent straight back onto his backside. He propped back on his arm and rubbed his jaw. He looked up and standing there in all her beautiful glory was Lexi. She was holding the sweetest smile on her face. Her eyes sparkled and she was an imp personified.
“Lexi.” Toby said to the assailant. “Yes Sheriff.” She answered with a purr as she squatted down and checked his jaw.
Everyone was silent. Sheriff McAllister was a good man, but had an unpredictable mean streak. “Your under arrest Darlin.” Toby said as he grabbed her arm and she helped him up. Her smile never disappeared except when the man in the troth got out and stood there looking at Lexi and the Sheriff. “Sheriff, I want to press charges on this damn whore.” But before Toby could reply or react Lexi’s face dropped into an instance whirlwind and gave the guy a good kick in the balls.
The crowd chuckled, laughed, gasped and some even appauled. Toby rolled his eyes and gave a little grunt as he threw Lexi over his shoulder. Deputy Smith came running up to the scene, hand ready on his pistol.
Toby was wrestling with Lexi, who was cussing and slapping his backside. He gave her a good crack and a “Settle Down!” Toby looked at everyone and then looked at Deputy Smith. “Matt, get these men to the Doc and then meet me back her so we can get to the bottom of this.” Matt grinned from ear to ear and tipped his hat.
Toby stared into the crowd. All he did was look at them and they all went back inside. Toby turned with a now calm Lexi and strolled back to the jailhouse. Toby walked in the door and went straight to the cell. He placed Lexi slowly down enjoying the feel of her next to him. His hands trailed up her sides and rested on her arms. Their eyes held for a moment. His green eyes gazing into her dazzling hazel ones.
“Lexi, darling. What happened?” Toby asked softly. Lexi took in a deep breath. Her smile faded. She looked back up at him. “They came in waving all sorts of cash around and started drinking the expensive stuff.” Toby chuckled. Lexi looked at him and smiled. She then went to the cot and sat down. She fussed with her lip and eye. Toby stood against the cell wall and patiently waited.
“Well.” She continued. “They started picking on LuLu and her heft.” Lexi looked up at Toby and he just stood there waiting for her to finish. “LuLu took it all in stride of course, but then they just started getting really nasty, vulgar even.” Toby shifted and nodded to her letting her know that he got the picture.
“I spoke to them nicely and they started in on me and well I let the first five insults slide, but then enough was enough.” Lexi said as she smashed her fist into her hand. “Only five insults? Huh.” Toby asked with a devilish grin. Lexi gave him a mocking evil look.
Lexi gave a tired, frustrated groan and ran her hands thru her thick mane. Toby just watched her in appreciation. He moved away from the wall and walked out of the cell. Lexi recovered quickly and lazily placed her elbows on her knees and flipped her hair to the side. Toby caught all of this and grinned to himself. She looked at him and giggled. “Am I in here for throwing those bastards out the window or for knocking you on your ass?” Toby held onto the bars with one hand and the other thoughtfully caressed where she had punched him.
“Good shot by the way.” Toby complimented. Lexi took her two fingers and gave a small wave and a confident grin. “Your in here for both. At least till I get things settled down and get other versions of the story.” Lexi clapped her hands and whipped herself into a laying position on the cot. Toby grinned and nodded. “Don’t go anywhere, now.” Lexi waved him off and just as Toby got to the door Lexi sprang from the cot and rushed to the bars.
“Hey! Toby.” Toby had his hand on the doorknob and turned to look at her. Her hair bounced in the most carefree and seductive way. “Yeah Lexi.” “That was a good punch huh?” She asked with the biggest smile she could muster. Toby chuckled. “Yeah Lexi. Too damn good.” Lexi squealed with delight and spun on her heels and made her way back to the cot. Toby chuckled again and headed out the door. What a fun night this was going to be.

Toby floated back to reality when Lexi, behind him, snored as she rolled over. He shook his head and chuckled. One thing about Dead River that he hoped would never change would be Lexi Bradshaw.

New Story Part 2

Let me know what you think. Please
Enjoy and Thank you!

A little grin pulled on his lips when she let out a heavy sigh and smiled slightly. It seemed almost naughty in nature. Rafe took a strand of her hair in his hand and caressed it. He bent forward and smelled it. He closed his eyes and took in the scent. Lilacs and maybe strawberries. He wasn’t sure whatever it was the scent was pure heaven. Rafe pulled back and startled a bit when he realized she was awake. Her eyes were a honey brown. She was even more beautiful up close. But the mystery that surrounded her was stronger than before. Rafe didn’t move his position when she sat up. He didn’t want to be away from her. She smelled of the morning, lilacs, strawberries and hay. She was glowing. The beauty stretched and gave a slight squeak. Rafe chuckled as she did this and was rewarded with a brilliant smile and sparkling eyes.
“Good morning, Miss.” Rafe said as he surprised himself and her when he grabbed her hand and kissed it. “Good morning, Sir.” She replied, her smile never disappearing. She looked into his green eyes and her heart skipped a beat. She felt her face redden. “The rain became so hard last night that I took shelter here. I only planned on staying until the rain stopped, but I’m afraid I fell asleep. I hope you don’t mind.” Rafe was silent for a moment. He just couldn’t believe that she was here. Right in front of him. He then shook his head and said, “No, No, I don’t mind at all.” “Why didn’t you come to the house?” The woman gestured that she wanted to get up. Rafe was more than happy to help and she had tripped on her petticoat and landed fully into his arms.
They looked at each other, deeply. So many questions left to be answered. Then the woman just about jumped out of his arms. “My goodness! What time is it? I’m going to be late!” She said in a panic. The woman gathered her things and looked at Rafe. He was standing there with disbelief and confusion. The woman kissed him on the cheek and then ran out of the barn. Rafe was flustered for a moment then ran after her. She was very fast and he stopped at his mailbox and watched the blonde beauty run down the road with all haste.
Rafe put his hands on his hips and watched her until she was from his sight. He scoffed in awe and ran his hand thru his blonde hair. He was brought back to reality when the postman was standing there. He was an older gentleman and he had a very amused look on his face. The postman handed Rafe his post and was smiling brightly. Rafe stopped the postman. “Excuse me Sir, but do you know who that young woman is?” The postman grinned even wider and winked. “Yes Sir I do.” The postman turned to walk. Rafe grabbed his arm and quickly let go when the postman stopped. Rafe was looking at the man with the most urgent pleading stare. “What is her name? Would you please tell me kind Sir.” Rafe pleaded. The postman straightened his hat and adjusted his bag. He looked at Rafe and said, “The young ladies name is Freya.” “Freya.” Rafe repeated in a near whisper. The postman smacked Rafe on the arm. “Yes, Freya St. James.” “Freya like the Norse goddess of love and beauty.” Rafe said out loud. The postman chuckled and shook his head. The postman squeezed Rafe’s arm and continued down the road. Rafe ran his hand thru his hair and then snapped back to the present. The postman had gotten down the road quickly and Rafe yelled, “Thank You!” The postman never lost a beat, never turned around he only raised his hand. Rafe could have sworn he heard the older man chuckling.
Rafe turned on his heel and headed back to the house. His butler waited for Rafe at the door. Rafe handed him the mail and he breathed in triumphly. “Her name is,” and before Rafe could finish his sentence Gerard said, “Freya, Freya St. James.” Rafe stood in the doorway, mouth wide open in disbelief. Gerard took the mail from Rafe and headed down the hallway.
Rafe shook his head and closed the door. He caught up with Gerard quickly. “Why didn’t you?” And again before Rafe could finish his question Gerard answered, “You Sir did not ask.” Gerard turned on a dime and continued to walk down the hallway. Rafe shuffled a bit and chuckled. He grew silent and thoughtful as the vision of Freya, his mystery woman flooded his senses all over again.
“Freya.” Rafe said with a wide smile, and then followed Gerard into the study.

New Story

This story is PG for now and is only the first part of it. Let me know what you think. Sean's character is set in the Colonial times and his name is Rafe Wytecliffe and ship business owner and picture him as

Rafe Wytecliffe stood in his window. The darkness engulfed him so he could not be seen by anyone who was outside. Which at that very moment was what he wanted. He wondered if this was going to be an every evening event. Who was she? Where did she live? What was her name? So many questions that needed to be answered. Soon very soon she would be appearing. He ran his hand threw his blonde hair and his green eyes flashed when he caught movement on the road. His heart quickened. His loins ached slightly. What did this woman do for work that had her out this late at night?
His breath was taken away. This evening she had her hair drawn up in a severe bun. She wore an expensive blue gown. Not new, but still expensive. She stopped suddenly. She held out her hands and looked up into the sky. It had begun to rain. She was not disappointed. In fact she looked relieved.
Rafe touched the window as the rain fell hard and fast. It blocked his vision of her. “Damn!” He swore hard and loud. Rafe had watched this woman for two weeks. The same time every night. She had become his release from the drudgery of life. “Where did she bloody go?” He wondered out loud. He turned away from the window with cheated disgust. The rain was pounding so it seemed it was going to go thru the ceiling. Where did she go? How far before she got to her destination? Was she going to be alright? These questions bothered Rafe for what seemed all night.
To his amazement he had fallen asleep. Something that was a rarity in his life. He got up and as always his faithful butler Gerard had readied his bath and day’s clothes.
The woman was set fresh in his mind this morning. She never was there before. Rafe blamed the storm for taking her away from him. He chuckled to himself as he walked down the hallway. Amused with the thoughts on how he was going to handle not seeing her when he returned to England.
His visit to America was a bittersweet experience. He had always wanted to come. But he didn’t want to visit on the expense of his uncle’s death. It was his mother’s brother and Rafe was the only living relative left. His uncle had a lucrative shipping business that traveled from the United States to England. Rafe himself had a lucrative shipping business. He thought he might combine the two businesses, but decided against it. Rafe decided to take a few of his uncle’s clients and sell the business. But that was going to take several months to do.
Rafe bypassed the kitchen and went straight to the stable. He got his usual greeting from the stable dog, but he then realized that people were missing. He couldn’t figure out for the life of him where they all went. He followed the dog down the corridor when he saw the lot of them surrounding something. He walked up behind them and stood on his tiptoes to catch a glimpse of what they were looking at. The dog bumped into him and he fell into two of the men. Rafe caught everyone off guard and they parted like the Red Sea. When he caught his balance, Rafe, a little embarrassed, recovered quickly. The men began to scatter not wanting to get into trouble. Rafe was surprised when he finally saw what everyone was looking at.
There she was. Lying in the pile of hay. Her hair glistened in the morning rays. Rafe was surprised to see so many different shades of blondes, browns and red on one persons head. Rafe knelt down next to her. His horse master was about to say something but Rafe stopped him with a hand gesture. Not once did he look away nor did he notice that the horse master had left.

Sharpe DVD Covers

I just put all of the Sharpe Series DVD covers on my website starting from the very first to the current Sharpe show. They are for the Region 1 folks. Meaning the US and Canada! You can get all of them on ebay at really great prices!

Here is the site so you can take a look. They are in the Pic section!


Here is my fav cover!

What's new

I just put The Field on my website. I managed 35 screen caps today and I also put 8 brand new pics in the Out and About pic section as well.
Enjoy!!! Here is the website address so you can check it out.


Hey Gals and Guys!

I just broke up with my boyfriend a couple of days ago. So I guess its just me and Sean again! Not that that was a bad thing. At least Sean can't break my heart right! Here are some new pics that I found for your viewing pleasure!

Hey Gals!

I just put the rest of the When Saturday Comes screen caps up and I also put 46 new Out and About pics in as well. Here is the website address so you can check it out. Also for those of you who have seen the website before and have now noticed that the format has changed. Well you see in the "Elements" according to birthdays Sean is a fire element so I thought it was fitting! Tell me what you think.


I'M BACK!!!!!

I'm back on the web Ladies. Now you will have more stories and pics to look at. I will be doing work on the website again!!!! I have been gone for way to long!!!